Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is she saying Daddy??

Ella has started to babble something that sounds like "daddy" . . . she also does her famous stiff-arm fussy face here too :)

Play Date with Kirin

Yesterday, Ella and I drove to Rio Vista to visit Brandi and Kirin. We went for a walk to downtown Rio Vista for lunch, and then we walked up the big hill to the high school and then back down again to the Coast Guard station by the river. The babies were bundled up because of the wind.

When we got back to Brandi and Kirin's house, the babies talked on the couch about how their first few months of life were going. I think they were also commiserating on having new mommies who bundle them up too much and don't feed them enough.

Then, Kirin brought out his new toys to share with Ella.

The new outfit Ella is wearing came from Brandi--thank you Brandi!!! It's sooo cute and comfortable.

Ella's First Trip to San Francisco

On Sunday, Ella and I went with Nonna and Tracey to the Legion of Honor to see the Tiffany and Faberge exhibit. We couldn't take pictures in the exhibit, so Ella and I got a picture next to this Rodin sculpture.
This is the view outside the museum.
Afterward, we found a little place called the Simple Pleasures Cafe on Balboa where I ate the best turkey sandwich ever. Ella fell asleep in my arms during lunch. After lunch, we went to Golden Gate Park and walked around by the Conservatory, but I forgot my camera in the van :(

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ella Laughs at Dad's Poopy Diaper Song

Yes, Kurt has sunk to a new comedic low--the poopy diaper song. Ella, however, hits an all time laughing high. At least his stand-up act goes no farther than our bedroom.

Ella's New Toy

A few days ago I decided Ella needed something in which she could stand up and play, so I hit the local Once Upon a Child and found this play "exer saucer" for her. It has a tea party theme Grandma Grahl and Aunt Sandra will love, and Ella seems to like it. Kurt thinks it's a big pink UFO. The cats think it's their new toy. I'm just glad to get another 15 minutes of uninterrupted laundry time :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time for Rice Cereal

On Saturday we decided to start Ella on rice cereal. Three days later, we still don't have the hang of it. She seems to push most of it out of her mouth, but she is eager to keep trying. She also insists on using her fingers as well, so the cereal ends up everywhere, as you can see . . .

And of course, we took video on Saturday . . .