Monday, December 5, 2011

Ella's 3rd Birthday!

Ella had two birthdays this year (like she did last year :), one on her real birthday and one when my family came into town for Thanksgiving.

This is Ella on her real birthday. She wanted a Belle cake, so I got her a small one from the store. Here she's posing with the cake and her balloons and gifts . . .

Grace was stealing the show with her newest word, "Cheeeeeese!" She tried to get into all the pictures saying, "cheeeese" with that ridiculously cute face. Ella, of course, looks thrilled.

The cake was better than she makes it look.


This is the Belle cake that I made Ella for her birthday with the whole family the night before Thanksgiving. The doll is a bath toy. Unfortunately, she fell apart a little on the ride to Pebble Beach to the house where my family was staying for the holiday. Fortunately, it was in the back, so we just patched her up :)

Grace and Heath looking at Ella's gifts.

Aunt Sandra reads one of Ella's new books to her after the excitement of cake and ice cream wore off.