Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bodega Bay Vacation

Last weekend, the Grahl family got away for a much needed vacation after basketball season. We rented a little house off Hwy 1 in Bodega Bay. The weather was perfect, and we had a lovely time at the coast :)

We actually walked along the water from our house, past the souvenir shop in the background, to get to the Inn at the Tides wharf. The house was about 50 yards up the highway and right on the water. Here, Kurt is helping little Ella walk through the parking lot.

The next souvenir shop along Hwy 1 . . .

The Tides Wharf shops . . .

They have whale bones and this old anchor in the back along the water.

Later, we decided to have a picnic on Doran beach.

Ella is munching on grapes as a surfer walks past . . . there were a ton of surfers out that day.

Ella didn't just munch on grapes . . . some sand found its way into her mouth. Daddy was eager to have Ella try out digging in the sand for the first time . . . she didn't like it very much.

Daddy and Ella play their favorite game . . . throw Ella up in the air!

Watching the surfers together . . .
We were discussing how crazy it is to be back here with our 16 month-old after getting married on this very spot three and a half years ago :)

The whole gang . . . except me, of course! I'm like Snuffleupagus in this blog :)

Daddy tried one more time with the sand, and Ella face-planted. She really got a good taste of the beach!

Back at the house, Ella decided to entertain us from inside the house with her screen face-smashing skills.

Grandma won't like this one . . .
or this one . . .

Bathtime! Time to wash off all that sand!

The next day, Sunday, was very windy. We tried Portugese Beach a few miles up the coast, but we didn't stay long because of the wind.

She liked the sand better this time!

Good morning! I caught these two sleepyheads looking at cycling news :)