Friday, July 24, 2009

Food Gets Even More Solid

Ella is now eating Gerber Puffs, little flavored pieces of cereal-like puffs that melt in the mouth. She was very unsure at first because of the new texture on her gums, but now she gets excited to see me pull out the canister of puffs. She is so cute with her two little bottom teeth trying to gum down the crunchy puff. They also give her the chance to work on her pincer grasp. She has only once successfully picked up a puff with her thumb and forefinger and then placed the puff in her mouth. She tends to get frustrated and just grabs them up in her fist, banging them together.

If you listen closely, you can hear her crunching on the puffs. You might also hear one of Daddy's favorite movies in the background, "Notting Hill."

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Catch Up Pictures

Ella is almost 8 months old, and I haven't posted much because of the big move to Yuba City, so here are some recent pictures of her in her new home . . .
Talented toes :)
She is a big girl now, sitting in her highchair in a restaurant, showing off her bottle.
She is also getting stronger and stronger.

Daddy's influence . . .

Dad was tired after a long day of moving . . .

Ella is now very interested in the kitties. She gets a fistful of fur whenever she can grab one.

George is her favorite person to take a nap with . . . other than Daddy.

Ella's first (or you might say second) baby shower

Ella and I went to Karen's baby shower a few weeks ago, and we had a lot of fun! Jenny and mommy took turns holding Ella while Karen opened her presents.

Ella had fun playing with Sammy's (Karen's neice) toys--the play cupcake was a favorite.

More crawling . . .

Ella is getting better and better at crawling. From a sitting position she will get up on her left foot and right knee and then rock back and forth until she ends up on her stomach. She still drags her body when she crawls, but she is getting faster at it. Her poor knees though! I love how whenever she acquires her goal, she will take it in her hands and then roll over and hold it above her head. She actually will hold it with her feet and play with it with her hands. What talent!