Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas in January

Wow! Is it already January 19th? I've been nagging at myself to get a new post up, but it took my sister calling me out on Facebook to finally do it.

So . . . .
Here are the Christmas pictures! I'm not really excited about them because I didn't get too many good ones (the kids move so much it's hard to get a good shot that's not blurry) and because I was taking video also I didn't take as many photos.

Daddy and Grace in her Christmas dress (thanks cousin Vanessa!)

I wanted to get just one of the traditional "kids in front of the tree" pics . . . Ella was not cooperating! This one was the best of the batch--not too bad :)

The tree is my aunt Nancy's. We stayed at her house for a few days around Christmas. Excellent accommodations! Soft queen bed, cable TV with HBO, free internet access, non-smoking, stocked fridge, complementary babysitting--we didn't want to leave!

I believe in this photo Ella was just told she actually gets to open the gifts behind her.

Grace looks worried, and she should be!

At this point you can tell Ella is quickly tiring of Momma as paparazzi . . . Grace, however, is just hitting her stride.

Good thing Uncle Greg gave up his career as a street artist . . .

Grace opening her first Christmas present . . .

The hostess with the mostess and her loyal companion look on . . .

She's used to Ella on her back, so the pillow pet is a welcome change.

Two handsome little guys :)

Kurt read us all The Night Before Christmas before Ella went to bed . . .

Christmas morning!!!

Ella has a blast opening gifts this year . . . she liked the boxes and wrap more than the gifts!

Here's what we did to Nancy! Hopefully she has recovered by now.