Friday, May 13, 2011

Making Cookies with Grandma

About a month ago when the ladies from Michigan were here, Grandma decided to make cookies with Ella for the very first time. Aunt Debbie (the crazy camera grandma) took pictures of the entire process, and it has taken me a month to sort through the hundreds of photos in order to bring you this blog :)

Ella looks optimistic here in the beginning with her bowl of wet ingredients.

Ella is handy with the measuring spoon . . .

And Grace is too! (Did anyone wash that spoon before it was used for the cookies??)

Her first beater experience . . . I think she wanted Grandma to let go :)

Now the dry ingredients . . .

And more beater!!

The best part!

Ella enjoyed cutting out the shapes, especially the snowman.

Grace's famous crinkled nose look . . . I think she disapproved of Ella's cookie cutting technique.

The rolling pin was tricky because the dough kept sticking.

Mommy gives Ella a high five for her efforts :)

This is what Ella does now when you tell her to say "cheese!"

Do watched cookies cook?

Ella rode her tricycle around the kitchen to pass the time.

Grace waits patiently.

Ella took the frosting process very seriously.

Until she realized she could eat it!

Now for the sprinkles . . .

And here they are . . . not perfect looking, but certainly delicious anyway!

Now the little baker gets to taste the fruit of her labors . . .

and wash it down with milk!

Poor Grace can only chew on her arm :(

A kiss from Mommy for a job well done . . . Mommy is a sucker for sugar cookies!