Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some sunny days and our silly cat

We had a week of sun to dry out the yard after all that rain in the end of January and beginning of February, so we finally took Ella outside to "play" in her yard. We also let the cats out to Ella's delight. She had fun chasing them around.

She had trouble with the transition from cement to grass . . .

She also loved climbing the deck steps . . .

Sally and Ella have become pals, even though Ella tends to hold on too hard and too long to Sally's tail. A few nights ago, Sally got bolder and decided to observe Ella's bath. I think she might just jump in one day!

"Hi kitty!" is Ella's first sentence.

The Littlest Honker Fan

Here is how Ella has been spending just about every Wednesday and Friday night for the past couple months . . .

As you can see, Ella has lots of fun in the stands with Amy and her dad. Amy's brother, Donnie, is a senior on the team, so they come to every game and help out Mommy with her little handful. Amy graciously hands over her purse full of goodies to Ella so she can sit at our feet and play happily while looking up to check the score once in a while.

After the game, Ella gets to wander around the gym floor and chase basketballs!

Notice she always wears her Yuba City basketball shirt in support of the team . . .

Of course this makes Daddy really happy . . . she already holds the ball and looks up at the hoop, just yearning for the day when she has the strength to make a left-handed layup.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ella at the Railroad Museum

On Thursday, Ella and I went to the Railroad Museum with our MOPS group. This was our first outing to a museum, so I had no idea what we would do. Basically, we went through the museum really fast and then got to the Thomas the Train play set upstairs where we spent all of our time. Ella had a blast playing with the trains and the kids.

This is how she gets colds . . . everything goes in the mouth!

"Excuse me! I'm little Ella, and I will be taking your train away from you now."

I think Ella took this older boy's train and he wanted it back :)

Ella's first smoothie

I made a berry smoothie for Nonna and myself the other day, but Ella, of course, wanted some too. Here are the results . . .

She loved it!! Ella is actually a blueberry fiend lately . . . she can't get enough of them.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ella Tries a Spoon

We tried eating with a spoon, but she's not quite there yet . . . she wanted to dip the handle in the yogurt and suck it off the handle. How do you tell a 14-month-old who wants to do it herself and is willing to go to level 10 if she doesn't get her way that she can't use the spoon?? Very carefully!

Here is a video of her attempts . . .