Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween began on Saturday for us as I had to make treats for the cake walk at the Shoreline Church Halloween carnival. I decided to drop off the treats and stay for a while--or for as long as Ella wanted. I was unsure if she would wear her costume or even do more than cling to my leg; she has been going through a shy phase.

Here is Ella in the van on the way . . . for some reason she rode most of the way there with her bee candy bucket on her head!

This is after she won some cookies at the cake walk . . .

There was a play area with crafts and activities . . . this was a big magnetic wall where kids could rearrange metal objects.

Ella also went in the bounce house--she mainly just stood by the door, but she did bounce a little.

On Halloween we actually went to the aquarium and then to pizza to watch a little of the Giants game. Afterward, we came home, put on costumes for pictures, and passed out candy.
The only picture I got of her with the hood on . . . I had to bribe her with M&M's :)
Here she has a mouthful of M&M's--I know--I'm a bad mother!

Dividing the hoard . . . I let them play with the candy we were passing out.

It started out as a friendly sharing of candy . . .

But then Ella took Grace down when Grace tried to take Ella's M&M's!

"What did I do? I swear I didn't touch her, mom!"

So close and yet so far . . . Grace could only taste the wrapper . . .

The no-hood look . . .

There's our smiley baby!