Saturday, June 27, 2009

SHE CRAWLS!!!! (Kind-of)

WOW!!!!! My mother's heart is pounding!

Ella was in the car and in our arms all day today between basketball games and moving stuff to Yuba City, so when we got home tonight she had extra fun playing in her gym. We noticed she was getting up on her knees a little (as she has been doing for a few weeks now) but then we saw one key difference . . . she used her arms to drag her body forward, and then she inchwormed her legs up under herself again. It is sooooo crazy! I can't believe my eyes--she has achieved forward motion! Do they make kneepads in baby sizes?

She claps!!

Tonight we went out to dinner after Kurt's game with Aunt Nancy, Diane, and Grandma, but Ella kept cheering long after the games were over. Aunt Nancy gave Ella some encouragement. Now she also can clap for Daddy's team . . .